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28 April 2020by admin

The Moldavian capital is divided into five districts, The Center, Buiucani, Botanica, Rișcani and Ciocana. Architecturally, the central district offers remarkable buildings  dating from the 19th century as well as cultural wealth. Among this architectural heritage you have the urban villa of Vladimir Herța, located in the city center, along Boulevard Ștefan cel Mare.

The building, of an eclectic style, was designed by the architect Henrik von Lonski in 1905, with Viennese Baroque elements, at the request of the noble Vladimir Herța, mayor of Chișinău after the unification of Bessarabia with Romania. This one-story building was aligned with the street facades. The main facade is richly decorated with geometric and plants ornaments. It is one of the most remarkable architectural monuments of Chișinău, of a national importance, registered in the register of monuments of the history and culture of Chișinău. You will appreciate it over the walks as you could also discover some other little architectural jewels emerging from every street corner.

Auteur: Catalina Ciobanu



The urban villa of Vladimir Herța

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