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All information regarding the best eco-pensions in Moldova.

Hanul Hanganu

The best choice for rural tourism in Moldova!

Hanul lui Hanganu is the ideal choice for a calm holiday, rich in emotions and positive energy. Although people travel through various exotic destinations like Thailand, Maldives, India, they really enjoy and spend their time with us. There is no better place on earth to rest as well as in our agricultural guest house – Hotel and restaurant.

An hour and a half away from your noisy place and a calm and wonderful environment, it is a bit like a fairy tale. The residence is located in the village Lalova, in the Rezina region, 100 km north of Chisinau. The agricultural guest house – Hotel and restaurant Hanul lui Hanganu belonging to a Hanganu family, who is waiting for you and ready to serve you with respect and kindness.

The Hanganu family offers you a choice of 7 standard rooms, 2 special rooms and a traditional outdoor hay field. All are in a rustic style with traditional decor, archaic design elements. Each room is equipped with a bathroom and everything needed for total comfort. In addition to accommodation, they offer a conference room, a trampoline, children’s swings and much more. Hanul lui Hanganu is the ideal choice for family, tourists, businesses, team-building and group training. Picturesque location with a unique panoramic view.

Eco Resort Butuceni

At Eco Resort Butuceni, you have the unique opportunity to have a good time, you can admire the unique design of the restaurant and the museum houses located nearby. You have the possibility to see how domestic animals and birds are raised in the countryside, after which you can take a pleasant cart ride pulled by oxen or horses along the central village road from where you can spot the Raut.

Here you can also celebrate the ceremonies in the hall or outdoors. The conference room offers you the maximum comfort for a productive activity. Only at Butuceni Pension the traditional blends mix so well with the contemporary that the feeling of time is lost.


Vila Roz

The pension is located on the banks of the Raut river and close to the “Orheiul Vechi” archaeological complex. Liuba Railean the host of Trebujeni village presents some of the peculiarities of the region. And the cook will be the one to unlock the secret of Moldovan dishes. All dishes are prepared from fresh and delicious products.

The Vila Roz is the ideal place where all guests will be met with open arms, with hospitality and warmth.

The Casa Părintească pension

The pension “Casa Părintească” in translation (the parents’ house), is located in the village of Palanca, in the district of Calarasi, and constitutes a real museum of rural life. Its owner, Mrs. Tatiana Popa, transformed her family home into a craft museum. The museum displays items from traditional peasant life, including old textiles, house wares, tools, photos and a variety of textiles, stitching and fabrics.

Visitors have the chance to learn about a unique carpet weaving technique called “bump carpets”, a tradition forgotten but revived by Mrs. Popa. These works have inspired renowned designers in Europe. The famous designer Isabelle de Hillerin, impressed by the beauty of the elements that make up this work of art, decided to use it in her “haute couture” collection. Even the famous French company Chanel arrived at the parental home in search of inspiration and originality. Some items are available for purchase.

For large groups, depending on weather conditions, ethno-folklore programs can be organized with traditional songs and dances. Lunch is usually served in the museum courtyard. The menu includes traditional dishes associated with homemade wine. It is also proposed to taste organic herbal teas, cherry compote and rose petal flowers with an extraordinary flavor. Near the museum there is a splendid old wooden church – The Virgin Mary. The church was built of wood in the late eighteenth century.



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