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The fertile land and the multi-ethnicity of the country are the basis of what the gastronomy and wines of Moldova represent.

An eveningin an emblematic wine library in the heart of the capital

Exclusive products
Over 400 types of local wines
Wine tastings
Advice from a professional sommelier
Rich diversity of dishes
Appetizing snacks!

If you are in Moldova, but you do not have enough time to visit the famous wineries of the country and taste their wines on the spot, it does not matter, because you will find them all in one place, in Chisinau, in the wine library.

The wine library is located in the heart of the city of Chisinau and offers more than 400 types of local wines from the most important producers for tasting – a sufficient presentation of the wine production of Moldova. In addition, it offers a wide range of imported wines, sparkling wines, different types of vodka, whiskey, rum, cognac, liqueur, gin and tequila.

Come to the wine library to discover a vintage, an appellation, a Château or a Moldovan Estate from a professional sommelier who speaks English and will introduce you to wine tasting. You can choose between the following tasting workshops:

  1. “The vineyards of Moldova” includes the tasting of a sparkling Cricova white wine, 2 dry white wines, 2 dry red wines, 1 white dessert wine, 1 red dessert wine, 1 seven years old divine (cognac) for a price of €25
  2. Tasting of 7 Cricova sparkling wines – €28
  3. Tasting of 7 types of cognac aged 5 to 25 – €42
  4. Tasting of a certain type of wine from different producers – €21
  5. Tasting of 5 types of “Sherry Wine” produced in Moldova – €21
  6. “Moldovan grape varieties” includes the tasting of 7 types of wine from 5 Moldovan producers – €25
  7. Tasting of “collection wines” – the price is negotiable depending on the chosen manufacturer
  8. Wine tasting from a producer of your choice (you can choose from more than 30 wineries) – the price is negotiable depending on the chosen manufacturer
  9. The “For the strongest” tasting includes 5 types of brandy from Moldova – €25

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Cricova - one of the largest wine cellars in the world

Moldovan National Heritage
One of the largest wine cellars in the world: “120 km of cellars”
Guaranteed favorite
Exceptional underground tasting rooms
Open 7 days a week with reservation
Duration of the visit from 1.20 h to 2 h with tasting

Cricova is declared part of the national cultural heritage of Moldova. The “Cricova” wine factory is famous all over the world thanks to its mysterious underground labyrinths and, more particularly, thanks to its marvelous wines.

The current galleries appeared after the transformation of an old stone mine. Several buildings in the Moldovan capital, as well as other cities in the country, were constructed from Cricova stone. The uniqueness of the Cricova wine factory is also due to its exceptional underground tasting rooms: “The conference room”, “Casa Mare”, “The bottom of the sea” and others. Spacious, original, imposing, luxurious, these rooms have hosted national and international tastings, meetings at the highest level, etc. In Cricova, tourists can also discover how wine turns into sparkling wine. During maturation, each bottle is handled daily so that the sediment is deposited on the bottle cap. According to legend, even cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin came for a tasting in Cricova and did not leave until the next day.


Mileştii Mici and its cellars listed in the Guinness Book of Records

Must visit
It is the longest wine cellar in the world
2 million bottles
The largest wine collection in the world
Open 7 days a week with reservation
Duration of visits from 1.20 h to 2 h with tasting

“Milestii Mici” has a collection of wines which has marked the reputation of the company on the domestic market and on the international wine scene.

In September 2002, the “MILESTII MICI” quality wine factory had the honor of presenting its collection wines in Strasbourg within the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council. The Milestii Mici wine factory has the largest collection of wines in the world. It has approximately 2 million bottles. The inhabitants of Moldova proudly call it “The Gold Collection”. In 2005, the name of the Milestii Mici wine factory was included in the Guinness Book of Records. The Milestii Mici wine bottles stand out for their shape and the original label that mimics the map of the underground wine town. 


Aquatir - taste the black gold of sturgeons

Unique in its genre
It is the only caviar factory in Moldova
Guaranteed favorite
A delight for the taste buds and for existence
Open 7 days a week with reservation
Duration of the visit from 1.30 h to 2 h with tasting

The “Aquatir” caviar factory is a unique enterprise for the cultivation of sturgeon fish and the production of natural black caviar from sterlets, bester, Russian sturgeon and belugas. It is located in the city of Tiraspol in the Moldovan Republic of Transnistria, an unrecognized state, having seceded from Moldova and having been de facto independent since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Always open to visits, “Aquatir” offers unique experiences to all the curious who will discover how true black caviar is produced. Visitors can approach the edge of the pool to admire the fish, but care must be taken not to stick their heads out too much, because the animal tends to seek contact. The visit culminates with the tasting of a pretty plate decorated with caviar, slices of butter and smoked sturgeon fillets. A delight for the taste buds and for the existence. Bottles of Kvint vodka (main producer in Transnistria) and Cricova champagne (the best in Moldova) are on the table.


Wines and gastronomy

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