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Balloon flight, parachute jump, outings, cultural events, sporting activities and many other leisure
activities await you in Moldova! Here is our selection of activities for you!


Kayaking is an unusual journey because it includes extreme sports, adrenaline and even romance. This unusual means of transport allows, from a new point of view, to observe the land curiosities of Moldova.

Exclusive kayak excursion in the north and south of Moldova on the Dniester and Prut rivers, Danube delta.

You can choose between the following options:

  1. Full day tour – 7 hours of adventure with kayaking at a price of 120 € per person
  2. Half day tour – 4 hours of adventure with kayaking at a price of 110 € per person

Each pack includes: transfer, personal trainer, rental of a kayak for the duration of the experience, a life jacket and instructions on water safety and rules for using the kayak. Meals are not included, but can be added for an additional price.


From 120 euros


From 55 euros


Who says that only soldiers and criminals can shoot with a pistol? It has long been transformed into a special sport. Shooting a gun will be a good pastime for those who like extreme and active rest.

You will know the incredible feeling of having a gun in your hands! Take advantage of a wide choice of weapons, from the classic Glock to the sniper and the essential AK47. We assure you that this activity is an opportunity to spend a pure moment!

You have the freedom to choose between the following packs:

  1. The “Discovery” pack includes shooting with 3 weapons, including 1 caliber 9 weapon with 20 bullets, 1 Kalashnikov weapon with 20 bullets and 1 Magnum weapon with 12 bullets, all at a price of €95
  2. The “Discovery +” pack includes shooting with 4 weapons, including 1 caliber 9 weapon with 20 bullets, 1 Kalashnikov weapon with 20 bullets, 1 Magnum weapon with 12 bullets and an M4 or AR15 with 10 bullets – €115
  3. The Kalashnikov pack includes Kalashnikov shotgun shooting with 30 bullets – €55
  4. The “Group” pack is intended for a group of  10 people maximum and includes shooting with 9 mm caliber weapons with 100 bullets at your disposal – €170

Each pack includes: transfer, personal trainer, rental of a hunting rifle for the duration of the experience and a target.

Balloon flight

A first flight on a hot air balloon gives a feeling of pacification! The silence and meditation as well as the wind which pushes you towards superb landscapes for a reasonable price should convince you to get to know the excitement of the adventure. Moldova has very beautiful landscapes which you can fully enjoy during your balloon ride. Discover flight in a hot air balloon and other hot air balloon flights in Moldovan regions!

Clothing – sport shoes and shoes without heels are desirable. Women are advised to fly in pants.  The clothing must be comfortable and conform to the weather conditions.
Weather conditions – this activity takes place all year round, in the presence of favorable weather conditions.


From 349 euros


From 50 euros


Are you tired of the routine and do not have enough bright colors in life? Do you want to do a new activity? In this case, let yourself be carried on the wings of the wind and prepare yourself for a unique experience in the picturesque places of Moldova! Fresh wind, blue sky, absolute freedom and no worries! With the paragliding activity, take off for a short aerial hike. Admire the panoramic view and feel exceptional sensations, you will see Moldova as you have never seen it before. It’s time to take off!

There are no restrictions on the paraglider, but one condition is that the wind speed does not exceed 24 km per hour. No previous experience is necessary, just five minutes of training. There is no age limit.

Parachute jump

If you’ve decided to jump with the parachute, you’ve made the right choice. Come and discover the incomparable feeling of skydiving with a professional team to live a unique and memorable experience. This activity is not so scary, but the time of free fall is a real ecstasy. Safely, carefree, enjoying only the feeling of adrenaline, experience one of the most intense moments of life.

The parachute jump cannot be done alone, you will have to jump in tandem, a tandem jump is a fast, safe and pleasant way for the first parachute jump.

The jumps take place only on weekends. The age of those wishing to take a tandem jump must not be less than 18 years (or must be big enough to be held in the parachute belt) and weigh less than 90 kg. The participant must be in good health.


From 250 euros


From 250 euros

Off-road car racing

There’s something about off-road vehicles that awakens the conquering spirit deep inside of us. New and unforgettable impressions, extreme driving style, adrenaline and maximum speed will be remembered for a long time as memories if you choose off-road car racing. We offer you a race among the slopes and hills of Orheiul Vechi which give the impression that they were created specially to bring adrenaline to the hearts of those who want to experience strong emotions. This is a good opportunity to change the monotony for positive energy.


From 20 euros

Horse riding in the forest

If you want to pass the time in an original and romantic atmosphere, we suggest you get out of the chaos of the city and take a horse ride in the forest. Communicating away from the hustle and bustle, in an unusual atmosphere, brings you to open discussions and creates good humor. Horse trekking is a great way to rest in nature, admire the beauty of the forest or just spend some interesting time. During your walk, you can enjoy the connection with horses, but also with nature and fresh air.


From 19 euros

Hiking in Moldovan forests

Go hiking with the VATRA ethno-cultural complex. The program includes walks in the fascinating coves of Moldova, 8 km round trip to the source of ”Stefan cel Mare” or 16 km, to the monastery of Capriana, in the company of a professional guide who will tell you stories and curiosities about our land. An active, healthy, exciting and memorable hike, which involves promoting outdoor movement, shaping a healthy lifestyle through its five essential elements, contact with nature.

Wellness & Spa Termal

Wellness & Spa Termal is a unique aquatic relaxation center with an area of 1000 m2, with an excellent bathing complex and a wide variety of services ranging from massage to beauty treatments. In our complex, you can relax and enjoy the oriental and European methods of skin care for the face and body, as well as discover the atmosphere of comfort and harmony!

Duration of rest in the aquatic area – 3 hours.

At your service: Large swimming pool, Jacuzzi, 5 types of saunas: Turkish hammam, Russian, Japanese (ofuro), Finnish and infrared cabin, Lounge with salt lamps, Free rental of a set (bathrobe, towel, sheet).


From 34 euros


From 89 euros

Limousine ride

Ride in a limousine Infinity QX 56

Can accommodate 18 people, mini-trip in the city, ideal for a party with an unforgettable ride in a limousine. 

It is possible to pick you up at the airport directly by limousine!


Sport and Nature

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