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1 June 2019by admin

Moldovan traditional carpet festival


The Moldovan carpet is in a place of honor, in the “Casa Mare” room, among those who still keep the traditions. It is woven with love and patience in order to resist the passage of time. This important element of national culture is celebrated every year during the beautiful festival “Frumos Covor Basarabean” (Beautiful carpet of Bessarabia) in the village Clisova Noua, Orhei.

The festival offers for all participants a program which includes exhibitions of carpets, wooden sculptures, ceramic objects, embroidery, crochet, practical workshops where everyone is free to participate in the process of making a Moldovan carpet, a school of small craftsmen, a visit to the local textile museum and many other activities related to the life of peasants.

During the event, which will take place this year on July 7, are exhibited the most beautiful Bessarabian rugs with authentic patterns, there are also towels, traditional costumes and souvenirs in clay, wooden objects and vegetable fibers. The “Frumos Covor Basarabean” festival offers the opportunity to relax in a rustic atmosphere and get to know the ancient traditions of Moldovan women. The fact of which Moldova is proud is the introduction of the Moldovan carpet into the cultural heritage of UNESCO on December 1, 2016.

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