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12 August 2023by admin

To make your free time as interesting and active as possible, we prepared a list of places in Moldova that are less known, but worth visiting at least once in your life.

1. Naslavcea

The village of Naslavcea is located on picturesque hills and gives the impression of a real mountain village. On the left bank of the Chisarău stream, one kilometer from its mouth, there is a ravine called Karpov Iar, a paleontological monument. Thanks to him, 60 species of plants and more than 10,000 species of ancient fish have been discovered. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is still functioning. Two kilometers from the church are the caves of Nagoreni. In the past, they housed the inhabitants during the Tatar invasions.

2. Stroenţi 

Stroenti is a village located in an incredibly beautiful region. Arriving at the village and walking towards it, you realize that something unusual and hidden from the eyes of the world awaits you! Everything around you suggests that you are in a story, an important and mysterious place. Here you can admire: the Tower of the Winds, the “Vieux Moulin”, the Church of Saint Michel Archange, but also many rocks that you can climb by bike.

3. Goian – the village on the peninsula

It is located in the lower course of the Iagorlâc River, which was partially flooded due to the construction of the Dubăsari hydroelectric power station. As a result of the floods, a picturesque gulf has formed in these surroundings – the Goian Gulf. The village offers visitors a picturesque landscape and fresh forest air, and the fact that Goian is in the heart of the Yagorlâc nature reserve, the only reserve in Transnistria, is an additional reason to visit it. For those who prefer meditative relaxation, Goian village is the perfect place to spend some time – you can easily hire a boat and go fishing. In some places the depth of the water exceeds 70 meters.

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4. The exotic beaches of the village of Hlinaia

Here, thanks to the separation of the Turunciuc tributary of the Dniester, more than 17 virgin beaches of white sand have formed, the length of which varies from 15-20 meters to 100 meters. The forest on the banks of the rivers is so dense and its paths so unexplored that it gives the impression of an impenetrable jungle. The Dniester River is considered the most winding in Europe and this is especially noticeable in the village of Hlinaia. So if you like kayaking or rafting, this is the place for you.

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5. Pădurea Domnească

“Pădurea Domnească” is a protected area of Moldova located between the villages of Cobani and Pruteni, covering an area of more than 5000 hectares. In this small territory, nature has created a unique set of natural monuments: from geological and paleontological monuments to flora and fauna monuments. The original combinations of stone and water, vegetation and animals, earth and air gave rise to a heavenly landscape, still unknown to many admirers of beauty, but worth visiting.

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6. The cave of surprises

An important tourist destination, located at a relatively short distance from Chisinau, is the Cave of Surprises. Hidden in a strip of forest on the edge of the town of Criuleni, the cave was discovered in the 1970s. The Cave of Surprises is the second largest in the Republic of Moldova, after Emil Racoviţă’s cave, and for the explore, speleologists can walk for hours in the tunnel, amused by bats emerging from the darkness. Those who visit the Cave of Surprises for the first time have, in addition to the dangers, many surprises.

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7. “Suta de movile” (A hundred mounds)

“Suta de movile” is a monument that extends over more than 1,600 hectares – is the only place in Europe where such a large number of underwater reefs of ancient seas are concentrated. If you feel like climbing 3500 large, small and medium hills, it is absolutely necessary to visit “Suta de movile”.

8. The Memorial Complex “Capul de Pod Şerpeni”

About 40 km east of Chisinau, on the right bank of the Dniester, is this memorial complex of historical and national significance, which was erected in memory of the fallen heroes during the Iasi- Chisinau in 1944, for the liberation of Chisinau from fascist occupation. A possible trip to this place, which evokes both history and nature, offers the possibility both of traveling to the historical past and of being served by the peasants of the locality, thus getting to know the culture and the tradition of the Moldavian people.

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9. The twin villages : Vadul lui Rașcov et Rașcov

Discover the enigmatic beauty of two villages hidden in a picturesque valley, between two rocky banks of the Dniester. Stone fences, wide cobbled streets and towering pillared gates take you back to the Middle Ages, when a trade route linking Eastern and Western Europe passed through this area. The Jewish cemetery, considered one of the largest in Europe, is located in Vadul lui Rașcov. Travel by boat to the other bank of the Dniester, in the village of Rașcov, and visit the three holy places of different denominations: a synagogue, a Catholic church and an Orthodox church.

10. The Ostrich Farm

Located two kilometers from the village of Vatra, the Bardar ostrich farm is one of the largest. Ostrich breeding in Bardar is of particular interest to Moldovan tourists, but also to foreign ones. Here you can admire wild horses, ponies, peacocks, pheasants, black swans, ducks and falcons.

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If you want to visit one of these destinations and need our help, do not hesitate to contact us!

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10 hidden gems in Moldova that will blow your mind

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