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4 February 2019by admin


Each year, the beginning of spring is marked by the Martisor Music Festival. During the first tend days of March, the best concert halls in Chisinau (the National Philharmonic, the Organ Hall, the Opera and Ballet Theater, the National Palace) and other places host more than 40 concerts. The performances vary from classical music to folklore through traditional and modern dance. The festival brings together in Moldova artists from many countries such as Austria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Belarus, China, Russia and others.

It is a festival which shows not only the traditions and customs of the Moldovan people, but also those of the other nations which live on the territory of Moldova, they are Gagauz, Bulgarians, Roma, Jews, Ukrainians, etc.

“Martisor” has long been one of the biggest musical celebrations in Moldova. It is an event that has been going on for over 50 years and persists among all the other cultural forums in the country. The name of the festival comes from the national symbol Mărţişor, part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage, it is the red and white string usually given on March 1 as a sign of friendship, love, appreciation and respect.

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“MARTISOR” Festival

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