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18 June 2023by admin

In today’s article we will introduce you to some interesting facts about Transnistria – the country that does not exist.

1. Transnistria is the first country in the world to use plastic cash

In 2014, at the International Monetary Conference, the Republican Bank of Transnistria presented new banknotes of 1, 3, 5 and 10 rubles. This money is not bills or coins, but is made of a special composite material and plastic. Unique in their composition, they are sought after by tourists and collectors, but are becoming increasingly rare in daily transactions.

Quelle est la monnaie en Transnistrie ? – Transnistrie.fr

Transnistria plastic cash. Photo: Transnistrie.fr

2. Transnistria has kept the Romanian language in Cyrillic alphabet

After the annexation of Bessarabia to the Soviet Union in 1940, Moldovans on both sides of the Dniester River were forced to write using the Cyrillic alphabet and not the Latin one. But, on August 31, 1989, the Supreme Council of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic canceled the Cyrillic alphabet and reverted to Romanian spelling and the Latin alphabet. Today, the Romanian language (Transnistrians still call it Moldavian) in the Cyrillic script is used only in the territory of Transnistria.

3. Transnistria is the only state on the territory of the former USSR that has kept the hammer and sickle on its flag

The Transnistrian flag was first raised on September 2, 1991. It features the colors and symbols of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic flag and in the upper left corner there is a golden hammer and sickle with a five star branches. This symbol disappeared from all flags of the former Soviet republics in the early 1990s. The hammer and sickle, which represent the unity of workers and peasants, are generally associated with the Soviet Union. However, Transnistria is not a communist state, the flag and coat of arms symbolize historical continuity.

Transnistria - Wikipedia

File:Coat of arms of Transnistria (variant).svg - Wikimedia Commons

4. India in Transnistria

If a tourist comes from India and, when asked what traditional dishes he has tasted there, he answers “mamaliga” or “sarmale” do not rush not to believe him. It’s just that he was not in the southern country where movies with songs are shot, but in a village in the Grigoriopol region. This locality was named “India” thanks to the similar contours on the map.

5. Münchhausen Monument

On October 9, 2010, a bust of Münchhausen was erected in Bender Fortress. It is believed that it is above the walls of the fortress he would have flown on his cannonball. The story with the cannonball featured a river and a fortress on its banks. So most likely the river is Dniester (Nistru) and the Turkish building is the Bender fortress. As for the cannonball on which the baron flew, it is also present in the fortress in a stylized form.

6. The uniqueness of the coat of arms of the city Bender

Bender’s coat of arms is unique. First, because the lion is lying, which is not accepted in heraldry, and second, because the lion has a human face. The lion is the symbol of Charles XII – the king of Sweden. It is his face that is depicted on the coat of arms, and it is found in memory that the Swedish overlord came after the Battle of Poltava and then ran Bender to the Turks. At that time, the city on the Dniester became almost the center of European diplomacy, because ambassadors from various countries thronged to Bender until Charles XII, and this despite the fact that the road passed through dangerous steppes.

File:Flag of Bendery, Moldova.png - Wikimedia Commons

The flag of the city of Bender

Charles XII — Wikipédia

Charles XII

7. The monastery of Chitcani – Noul Neamt

The Monastery of the Holy Ascension in the village of Chitscani, was founded in 1864 and still amazes with its architecture. Quiet alleys of lime trees lead from the main monastery building to the Summer Cathedral and the Winter Assumption Church. The monastery also has hotels for pilgrims, a church-museum, a printing house and an icon painting workshop.


If you want to visit Transnistria, do not hesitate to contact us.

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7 interesting facts about Transnistria

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