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23 September 2023by admin

A Moldovan family opened the first store selling Moldovan products on the French Riviera. The store is called “Chez Nous” and buyers can find many Moldovan products there. The store is located on rue Frédéric Passy 20, in Nice.

“I put a lot of soul into this store. I want to share with you all the goodness of Moldova,” declared our compatriot Titi Zemba, based in Nice.

The owners say that currently 60% of the store’s products are Moldovan. Among these are “placinte” (pies), “colaci” (a type of traditional Moldovan bread), coltunasi (ravioli) with cheese, Moldovan wine or the famous cakes “Cușma lui Guguță” and “Poveste”. 40% of products come from local producers in Romania and Germany. Titi Zemba says she aims to have 100% Moldovan products in the store until the end of September.

“It is very complicated to import Moldovan products into France, because not all manufacturers have all the certificates of conformity. We go through two customs, that of France and that of Romania, so be sure that if one product or another is in our store, this means that we have met all EU requirements.” said the Moldovan live on a social network.




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A Moldovan family opened a store on the French Riviera

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