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4 July 2019by admin


Since 2013 the first weekend of July brings tradition and joy, contests, crafts and many traditional motifs in each edition of IA Mania.

Come celebrate the beautiful traditions of our ancestors! Dress like Moldovans! Dance like the Moldovans! Eat like the Moldovans! Party like the Moldovans!

Spend a day on the border of Dniester, in the village of Holercani, home of the IA MANIA festival, the largest traditional arts and crafts festival in Moldova. It’s a festival of joy, good food, traditional music and dance, crafts, costumes and beautiful people.


© Klumea/Maxim Chumash – Facebook

The IA Mania festival promotes the traditional Moldovan blouse embroidered by hand and supports the artisans who carefully preserve this tradition. The event is organized on the banks of Dniester and brings together dozens of artisans with handcrafted objects, chefs with traditional recipes, music and dances, workshops, entertainment and many other activities, everything in the village Holercani.

To discover the IA Mania 2019 edition watch the video below:

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Photo credit © Facebook/Klumea



“IA Mania” Festival

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